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This memorial website was created in the memory of my only child, Robert Ward who was born in Little Rock, AR on July 02, 1991 and passed away on October 13, 2007 in Longview, Tx at the age of 16. We will all remember him forever.

He was good hearted and funny. He could keep me laughing until tears came sometimes! He loved his mom and his dad so much. I could never go anywhere without turning around and running back in to him! I miss that!!!  He was a great kid!  He loved going hunting, but he was talented in art, which he would only share with close friends. (He got that art gift and sharp shooter talent from my side of the family!)

I expected to go first.  God has a reason for everything.  I don't quite grasp this event yet.

He was my life and my purpose for living!!!!


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Tributes and Condolences
Angelversary  / Karen Jenkins (non a friend to mom Kim )
My dear Kim:  I send to you condolences and sympathy on the death of your precious Angel Rob.  It is unconsciounable that our child has died before us and we are left bereft and grieving. My Geoff was my all and my joy in this painful li...  Continue >>  / Karen Jenkins (none)
Dear Kim:  May God bless and comfort you on this Angelversary of your beloved son Angel Rob.  I, too, lost my only child and it is an unbearable, unbearable pain and sorrow.  You are in my prayers and I pray that you remember the joy h...  Continue >>
to Kim from angie (mum to angel ERIS)   / Angie Szily (friend of his mum )
we held them in our parent arms for weeks or months or years,now we hold them in our hearts and cry our darkest tears ((((ROB & ERIS))) forever young...Kim you are not alone on this sad path i will walk beside you always xxxxx
Dear Kim,   / Jeanne Schauer (another grieving mother )
As another grieving mother I understand your grief and pain.    You are in my thoughts and prayers. We never understand why God needs our children before he needs us. One day when we meet our children at heaven's door, we will then know,...  Continue >>
Birthday Wishes   / Mark Pendray
Dear Kim,     My thoughts & prayers are with you as you "celebrate" Rob's Birthday.  You have done an excellent job creating this web site to honor Rob.  God bless you & Rob.
One angel's mom to another  / Karen Hatt     Read >>
Angel Dreams  / Michele Demzien (Another grieving mom )    Read >>
Sharing in your pain  / Tammy Graham (yahoo group friend )    Read >>
Thoughts of Rob and Kim  / Sue Gillispie (teacher/friend)    Read >>
Thinking of you and sweet Angel  / Monika Hedglin     Read >>
So Easy  / Mary White (friend)    Read >>
Tribute or Condolences for Rob  / Kim Ward (mother)    Read >>
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